Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thirsty Thursday, January 27, 2011

I found an interesting quote from Raggedy Ann. It says, "If in our hearts we plant small seeds of kindness, and water them with generous thoughts, like dew, we wil soon have a garden filled with friendliness and love will come to be our gard'ner too."

This quote indicates some important factors to establishing and maintaining friends. First, friendship begins with us. We have to sow seeds of kindness and friendship that sprout into caring and closeness towards other people. We also have to nurture them with care, a thoughtful attitude, and even generosity of time. If we wait for friendship to find us, we could wait a long time.

This week, plant some seeds of kindness, love, and care to those around you. Also take time and pray for those people. I believe they will sprout some interesting results. 

Prayer requests:
1. For Erin from Hollis Adams who had a seizure and is in St. Vincient Hospital
2. For the Pastor's Midwinter conference in Chicago that begins next Monday.
3. For Sarah as she continues her chemo treatments.
4. For the safety of of our military.
5. For Mary Ann Arbogast's husband, Chip - needed job transfer to the Indy area.
6. For this years church goals and where God wants to take us as a congregation.

Be a blessing!

Pastor Tom

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