Friday, April 1, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...on Friday...

I know Thursday has past, but it's never too late to take time and pray. So, take a few moments today and remember to pray for those in need and who God brings to our mind.

I came across a great thought from Allen Bainbridge when he sent a reminder to the guys who meet on Saturday. He gave me permission to include it in my thoughts.  Let me share it with you:
"I want to share a powerful dream I had.  I dreamed I was in a semi (as a passenger) and we came up on an ugly wreck involving many cars.  I could see that people were hurt and needed assistance.  I asked the driver to stop but he would not.  He said there was nothing I could do to help them. I did not press the matter further because there was blood and horrible things present.  But I could have. They could have used my help. 
I am becoming more aware of the excuses I tell myself to not get involved where help is needed.  Too busy, family needs me, needing alone time, work, play, honey do list, the list goes on.  It all seems too much too big (like riding in a semi).  

Powerful dream isn't it? And it can be true. Last week I said that we can believe in lies. We believe that we can't be of help or assistance, but that's a lie that the enemy wants us to believe. However, God has given us a spirit of boldness and a sound mind. 

So, if there is an area that God wants you to venture out in - (1) pray about it with Him. (2) Ask Him for His strength and power. (3) Move ahead knowing that He and all of heaven are behind you.  

1. For Jerry Reed, former Cov. missionary. He has been diagnosed with lung and hip bone cancer.
2. For people who are listed in our weekly worship folder.
3. For continued prayer for the Tsunami victims. Also, Covenant World Relief is taken donations to assist with the victims.
4. For the Libya situation.
5. For our troops.
6. On a personal note: Our family has been going through a struggle with our dog, Lady, She had a seizure the other day and she hasn't quite been herself. We need prayer and guidance if this is her time. We've been on a roller coaster with this one this week. Thank you!
7. For my mother, Betty Jane. She has a cyst on her back which has been causing her a lot of pain. If the medication doesn't work, she will have to go through back surgery.
8. Gary T. going through some medical tests.
9. Other matters that God brings to your mind.

1. Brian M. is experiencing a new perspective in life.

We'll meet each other in prayer.

Pastor Tom

PS: This Sunday we will be going through Part 2 of Jeremiah (15:15-17; 16:10-15). Our theme will be "idolatry". I think you will it very relevant for our time and culture - both in society and the church. Hope to see you!

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